Thursday, August 13, 2015

Put this on Facebook just now

Love has always come to me with a hard right hook.

When I first met Adam, I didn't look at him as a potential romantic partner. First he was a coworker, then a friend, then a best friend, and only after years did we try our hand at a relationship.

Our dogs came to us in a time of intense grief. Oliver had passed away and although we knew we would eventually have room in our hearts and lives for dogs, we had no idea that a week after saying goodbye to him we would be holding two five-week-old puppies in our laps and saying yes, we will. Three weeks later we were carrying them down our front pathway, smiling at each other as though we'd just been gotten hit with something huge and heavy.

When I found out that I was pregnant, the shock was smooth and cool. It wasn't until weeks later that I found myself sobbing with disbelief.

But we're doing this. Oh. My. God.

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