Saturday, May 27, 2017

The Last Time I Saw Richard

The Last Time I Saw Richard
The last time I saw Richard was Detroit in '68,
And he told me all romantics meet the same fate someday
Cynical and drunk and boring someone in some dark cafe
You laugh, he said you think you're immune, go look at your eyes
They're full of moon
You like roses and kisses and pretty men to tell you
All those pretty lies, pretty lies
When you gonna realize they're only pretty lies
Only pretty lies, just pretty lies
He put a quarter in the Wurlitzer, and he pushed
Three buttons and the thing began to whirr
And a bar maid came by in fishnet stockings and a bow tie
And she said drink up now it's gettin' on time to close
Richard, you haven't really changed, I said
It's just that now you're romanticizing some pain that's in your head
You got tombs in your eyes, but the songs
You punched are dreaming
Listen, they sing of love so sweet, love so sweet
When you gonna get yourself back on your feet?
Oh and love can be so sweet, love so sweet
Richard got married to a figure skater
And he bought her a dishwasher and a Coffee percolator
And he drinks at home now most nights with the TV on
And all the house lights left up bright
I'm gonna blow this damn candle out
I don't want Nobody comin' over to my table
I got nothing to talk to anybody about
All good dreamers pass this way some day
Hidin' behind bottles in dark cafes
Dark cafes
Only a dark cocoon before I get my gorgeous wings
And fly away
Only a phase, these dark cafe days

- Joni Mitchell

Sunday, May 14, 2017

Mother's Day

Dear Baz:

Last year you slept peacefully through the appetizer and halfway through dinner. This year you wiggled, whined, and charmed us half to death. Then we went from Napa to Yountville and you put your sturdy little legs to work while we watched you explore.

You told me "I love you" while Daddy went to go get the car. You pointed and said: "What's that?" You smiled. And smiled. And smiled.

Thank you, baby. Thank you.


Wednesday, May 10, 2017

In honor of Mother's Day

One of them meme things ...

In honor of upcoming Mother's Day: All about your first born...
1. Did you have an epidural? God, yes. Two, in fact. 
2. Was the father in the room? Yep. (I skipped the crack about Justin Trudeau not being available.)
3. Were you induced? They gave me potocin, but not necessarily for induction. They were just trying to make labor easier. It didn't work all that well. (See below.)
4. Did you find out the sex? Yes
5. Due Date? September 21, 2015
6. Did you deliver early or late? Two weeks early.
7. Did you have morning sickness? Purdy much.
8. What did you crave? Ice-cream sandwiches from CREAM, apple fritters, malai kofta from House of Curries. You know, health food.
9. How many pounds did you gain? 20 lbs. I'm pretty sure I've lost it all, but I haven't checked lately.
10. What was the sex of the baby? Boy
11. Did you have complications? Yep. I wound up having an unplanned C-Section.
12. Where did you give birth? Alta Bates Summit Medical Center, Berkeley. I blow kisses every time I pass by.
13. How many hours were you in labor? Probably a lot longer than I think, but I think active labor was about 12 hours. 
14. How much did your baby weigh? 6 pounds 13.5 ounces.
15. What did you name the baby? Baz Franklin Sandler, otherwise known as DJ B. Frank.
16. How old is your baby today? 20 months

Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Four White Russians

I stayed out too late the other night. Adam noted the next morning that I apparently had cereal when I'd gotten home and it was everywhere -- the counter, the floor, the coffeemaker, that last apparently for kicks.

I didn't just drink. I drank. Four White Russians. Count 'em. Anyone who's ever quaffed one with me knows I'm a cheap date.

So I was in fine stumbling form. That is for sure. I had to leave my car at The Albatross and get a ride home.

You would have had your pick, my friend told me as we sat at the bar. You could have picked any guy.

I still have a hard time believing that. But I'm getting closer.