Monday, October 5, 2015

I have the best friends

Part of a response to a Facebook post where I postulated that I may have a bit of postpartum depression. I love this lady:

You have wonderful friends giving you great advice. Now, reach out your right arm as far as it will go in front of you. Bend your elbow and reach your right hand as far back onto your back as it will go and pat it. Yep. Just like that! You have discovered a natural reality about having a baby: it's hard and that's okay and you can get PPD and that's normal! Take the advice of your friends (all of it seemed good to me, especially the rest and diet part, if you can do it).

But also take my advice. Drop the expectations that may be haunting you. 

You're doing a great job. Everyone can tell.
You have a wonderful, loving husband who clearly sees that great job you're doing. 
Baz is happy, healthy and already plays the piano.

You're golden. Even more so than usual.

You're loved. 

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