Friday, September 2, 2016

A rant at Trader Vic's

You'd think I'd become more tolerant of kids screaming and screeching in public. Not so much. Earlier today we made sure to sit outside a pizza place, even though it was hot as hell in the sun, because Bazzy was fussy and we didn't want to disturb people.

These people? They don't give a damn. Every so often they throw a token "why are you screaming?" at the kid, and then continue on taking selfies and bitching because their ahi tuna isn't rare enough.

Look. You make a choice when you have a child. You commit to teaching them that the world is not about them. You choose to show them how to be good people, decent members of society. You don't let them scream and shriek in a place where people come to relax on a Friday night

You take the brunt of it. You signed up for it. No one else did.

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