Thursday, July 30, 2009

Good changes

It's been almost a week since I've been home, and that week has been both wonderful and stressful. The wonderful: getting to see my family and friends and sharing my KHN experience with them -- not to mention seeing how my garden's grown!

The stressful: Bills, work, money, and taking Oliver to the vet TWICE in the span of days. Yesterday was particularly bad as I waited for the results of his ultrasound and EKG (which won't be in until today, but I didn't know that then). I felt as though there were wires running through my arms and legs.

That said, I was able to parse out what was stressing me out, and to separate it from life in general. I spent much of yesterday afternoon on Piedmont Avenue, where I lived for eight years. I love that place. Yesterday it was too much activity and noise for me -- but I was able to recognize that that was me, not the place itself.

I want to keep moving in this direction.

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