Sunday, July 5, 2009

Happy 5th of July

A party with a ton of food (thank you, everyone, for complying with my draconian It's-A-Potluck edict), six-packs overflowing the fridge, and a hearty debate about a matzoh-ball porn movie called Sinkers and Floaters. (The Sinkers are the butches!)

And a freaking awesome day was had by all.

Sean, Carl, Warren and I. You know something's up when I'm the normal-looking one.
Something made Sean extremely happy.
Warren and Carl want to overturn Prop. 8.
Please don't ask.
Sinkers vs. Floaters.
Mike, Chris, and Angela babysitting Puppy, who somehow found her way out of the shot.
Way more than anyone can eat, but we tried.
I told you, don't ask!

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