Friday, August 21, 2009

Cafe Attitude

I'm so glad to see Cafe Gratitude go down for the sham piece of crap that it is. Anyone who knows me knows that my appetizer in this place would be an AK, and I wouldn't be the one eating it.

A few weeks ago before walking the lake with Angela, Adam and I stopped into the swanky Whole Foods for some water and possibly a trip to the very clean bathroom. Now, keep in mind we'd been bickering all afternoon, so neither of us was feeling particularly sunny.

He went off in search of coffee. The only place he could find it was the Cafe Gratitude stand. He came back sort of grinning.

Turned out after he bought his coffee and started to walk away, the worker kept calling the Question of the Day at him. It must've been hilarious to watch Adam keep walking while the cult dude yelled: "What are you grateful for?"

It is also worth pointing out that a friend of mine took a friend who was suffering from cancer there for lunch. He later told me: "We should've ordered the I Am Dying, m'kay?"

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