Tuesday, July 22, 2014

23 pounds down

I'm hitting that third-week stall that people have been talking about, but still I have continued to lose weight, albeit at a much slower pace. Today I have my one-month checkup with my surgeon. It'll be a month on the 25th. I'm so much happier to be on the other side of things -- and tomorrow I get to start soft foods! Food I can actually chew -- well, unless you've been there, it's hard to know that happiness.

I guess I could be mad about this condition I have, this Congenital Adrenal Hyperplasia. I mean, it's essentially the reason I've undergone all these procedures, the laser hair removal, the weight-loss surgeries. Yes, when it comes to the latter, I've often overeaten, but there is something to having this adrenal condition and being on a steroid that makes it truly difficult to maintain a healthy weight. Now 85 percent of my stomach is gone and I'm stoked about eating soft foods tomorrow. Perspective, huh?

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