Thursday, July 24, 2014

The Seventh Tradition

Basically, the Seventh Tradition of OA is giving money to them. I shouldn't knock this. I mean, an organization's gotta support itself, right? And they are very proud of being self-supporting, so I contribute every time.

It just seemed like a lot to base an entire meeting on, you know? I felt as though we were being guilted, but in twelve-step language. I just started to write: "That said ..." and shift into a more positive gear, but why? I don't have to excuse criticisms. I have them, and it's okay to have them. It doesn't mean the program isn't helping me. I'm coming up on 25 pounds down. But I find there's a lot of repetition and stiff language, and I'm not sure why that's there.

My shares, as they call them, are pretty weak. I never know what to say. I usually wind up stammering through my story and then just saying "Thank you." I have yet to hit the time limit. But I will continue to go to these meetings until such time as I don't think they're helping me, and then I may continue to go regardless.

Because I can't do this on my own. I'm too practiced a compulsive eater to stop without some sort of traction from an outside body. And if you want to consider that the OA Higher Power, then so be it.

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