Friday, January 4, 2008

Changes in store for A'dam?

The outward-looking Dutch welcomed the newcomers -- and their mosques and Islamic schools -- but have grown less tolerant toward those who don't share their brand of tolerance. And they're also asking themselves why they're inviting tourists to get stoned in their parks and allowing graceful neighborhoods to devolve into lurid Disneylands with sex clubs and massage parlors.

Interesting article in the LA Times ... seems the famously high times in Amsterdam may be winding to a close.

I've only been to Amsterdam once. I stayed for a few days and I only saw the city center. That said, I had two observations: (1) It's a beautiful city; and (2) I pretty much hated it. It felt like a Dutch Las Vegas, complete with hooting, hollering frat boys.

Did I partake? Of course. I wound up at a place called Cheech 'n Chong's at high noon and spent the longest afternoon of my life there. Was it an experience I'd repeat? Probably not. Does that mean Amsterdam should be radically changed and Disneyfied? No. But it'll be interesting to see what comes in the next few years.

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