Monday, January 7, 2008

Does the home office life has discontents?

Not for me it doesn't!

However, I did relate to this snippet of a New York Times story tackling this oh-so-timely issue (I have to say: I'm not ahead of the curve on most things, but I was sold on the home office nearly a decade ago):

Mr. Wiese, who is writing a how-to book about exploration for teenagers, acknowledged the problem. “Nicci tends to be a lot more intense,” he said. “Especially with lighter work, I can be watching a ballgame. If I saw a funny e-mail coming through I’d want to share it. I’d get these glances from her, like, ‘I’m working!’”

I can so see Adam and I in that. Fortunately, he's getting better. Or am I getting more patient? Nah.

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