Monday, June 22, 2009

The I-hate-my-job Mad Lib

Culled from the unwanted input of those who, indeed, hate their jobs:

You wouldn't believe what my (noun) wants me to do now. I told them that (verb) is impossible and not in my job description and I don't have enough time to (verb), but wouldn't you know it, they just said do your best.

I am sick and fed up and (adjective) and I wish I could quit except I need this (adverb-adjective-descriptor) job, especially now.

... and of course, none of this is my fault.


Happy Chandler said...

Noun: cat
verb: providing him with freshly slaughtered venison
verb: clean the fur between his toes
adjective: am about to hurl thinking about his litter box
adverb-adjective-descriptor: absolutely disgusting

Allison Landa said...

Thank you for playing, my dear.