Wednesday, June 3, 2009

I call it random stir-fry

Start with simple, fresh ingredients. Like canned water chestnuts. At right: ginger. At left: an orange bell pepper, cut into bite-sized pieces.
I use sesame oil as a base and throw in some ginger and garlic. After a minute I toss in the scallions. Then go the carrots, then the bell peppers, then the mushrooms and zucchini. Along the way I throw in a diced chili pepper and stir-fry sauce: a few tablespoons soy sauce, plus two tablespoons water or broth (I used water) and some plain or rice vinegar.
Add some glass noodles and I'm pretty glad I didn't go out for lunch. Spinach dip at left not included.


Sean Craven said...

That looks hell of good.

If I may make an impertinent suggestion:

In my experience you get the most out of sesame oil by adding a little at the end of the dish, rather than using it as a cooking oil.

These days my standard cooking oil is walnut. It's a hell of a lot cheaper then olive oil, very light, has a neutral flavor -- doesn't taste at all like walnuts. I save the flavored oils for seasonings.

Happy Chandler said...

Just judging by leftovers, that was some darn good stir fry!

Allison Landa said...

I knew there was something I was doing oddly about the sesame oil -- I'd wanted to use peanut and there was none around. I'll have to give walnut a whirl.