Thursday, June 25, 2009

Wow, Jeff, why so defensive?

A recent CL writing ad. Never a good sign when a potential employer is already accusatory toward his employees.

I am going to hire two writers to work on small and ongoing projects of mine. The first writer is going to take pre-written material as an outline and make it wonderful. The second writer is to read through finished written work to make sure it’s wonderful and it’s done 100% correct.

I will only pay 15 per hour.


Writer will state how many hours each individual project will take before each new project is started. I will not pay for more time than what was quoted.

Before each new project is started the writer will set a completion date. The completion date is set according to how many hours each new project should take. If the project is not completed on time then the writer agrees not to send me their finished work. I will not pay for late work. I will only work with people who complete written work on time.

I expect written work to be 100% correct. I am hiring you as a professional writer.

I would like a sample of your work, and references from past or current clients from craigslist.

Thank you for your time.

Please, email your work, references, and contact info to: (address removed -- I'm a bitch, but not a total bitch)


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